The Objects of the club shall be to relieve the suffering and distress of stroke patients, through rehabilitation and, in the interests of social welfare.  The provision of facilities for recreational or other leisure-time occupation in an effort to improve the aforementioned patients' condtions of life. In furtherance thereof, to provide support, contact, information, education and advice for patients and carers.  The Stroke Club is affiliated to the CHSS.

The club meets every Thursday at 2 p.m. except of the festive period and the

of July and August Lochee Parish Church Hall off Nicol's Lane Aerial Map of the area.  

The club was founded in 1997 and is currently in its 21st year.

The aims of the club are to provide an informal meeting place for people who have been effected by a Stroke or a TIA;

To provide support, contact, information, education and advice; to arrange

talks on a variety of subjects and other activities; to arrange outings throughout the year.

The President of our club is Dr R.S. MacWalter, Retired Consultant from the Stroke ward at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland.


We don't qualify for grants from any source so our sole aim is to self finance the costs

including the the hire of special coaches with lift facilities and this done via various fund

raising activities from within our own membership, plus donations from various groups;

individuals and other organisations.

The activities of the club which is solely run by volunteers some of whom have had a

stroke, others are carers and some husbands/wives of those who have had a stroke and

this can be seen in our programmes and in photographs on our website, which has

attracted hits from various parts of the world.

Donations received during 2019

Tom Morris & Toby Black Ribbonfield Memorial Trust £3,000

Dave Doig £50

Donations we gratefully received in 2018 were from:

Dave Doig £100

Iain & Elizabeth Chalmers £100

Donations we gratefully received 2017:

Dundee Inner Wheel Club £100

Ashtons Funeral Undertakers, Lochee £2,500

Christmas concert £200

Dundee Quiz League £180

Dave Doig £110

Mrs M Lees £200 from friends and family of Rose Mann

Donation 2016 we gratefully received:

Dave Doig £85

Donation from Lorna's sons of £200

Past Presidents Bowling Club £300

City of Dundee Bowling Association £200

Douglas Dyer donations collected at Jean's funeral £800

Douglas and family members presented the cheque to the club on our outing to Piperdam

Unite Community fund £80

Donations 2015 we gratefully received:

Unite the Community Fund £80

Collection made at the Crematorium for Frank Carswell's funeral £160

A further collection no details at the moment £350

Dundee Quiz League £160

Dave Doig £80

Andrew Watson; Lynda Connelly; Dave Doig etc £175

Donations 2014 we gratefully received:                       

City of Dundee Bowling Association £200

Dundee Quiz League £152

Other donations £100Donations 2014 we gratefully received:                       

City of Dundee Bowling Association £200

Dundee Quiz League £152

Other donations £100

Donations 2014 we gratefully received:                       

City of Dundee Bowling Association £200

Dundee Quiz League £152

Other donations £100

Donations 2013 we gratefully received:

Unite community fund £50

Elizabeth & Iain Chalmers £50 towards the cost of the Summer BBQ

Moira Reilly's funeral collection £100

Evening Telegraph Community Chess £1,000

Dundee Quiz League £120

Wilma Kerr's funeral collection £140

Elizabeth & Iain Chalmers £100

Donations 2012 we gratefully received:

Evening Telegraph Community Chess £1,000

Balgay Bowling Club via Bill Stewart £200

City of Dundee Bowling Association £100

Dundee Quiz League Charity Match £120

Hillcrest Bowling club centenary year raised £1,078

Collection from Ethel Williams funeral £89

Unite Community fund £50

Dave Doig £38

Gilla Cura from family bereavement £120

Margaret Yule 70th birthday money rather than gifts £32

During 2011 we gratefully received:

City of Dundee Bowling Association £100

Balgay Bowling Club via Bill Stewart £250

Dr B & Mrs A Millar £193.50

John Gailey £100

Ian & Elizabeth Chalmers £30

Dundee Quiz League £120

Ron MacWalter £30

Jim & Wilma Kerr £400

Shipwrecks, based at Ship Inn Johnshaven £683.00

This is an annual 11 mile sponsored charity walk

Margaret Yule Royal Wedding day buffet £86

At a committee meeting in 2009 it was agreed we should attempt to seek donations, whether this can be a successful idea or not will depend on any responses. If you are of a mind to make a donation to the club you can send a cheque to Mrs C.S. Blyth, Club Secretary, 3 Law Road, Dundee DD3 6PZ United Kingdom. A cheque should be made payable to Dundee Stroke Recovery Cub.

Bill Blyth, Vice Chairman and Publicity Officer - 15th Janaury, 2019